My signature Hashi method, backed by science & your intuition. Create the life you dream about & make it your reality. 

Break free from the roller coaster of believing you are your dis-ease.

Go from being numb, fatigued, endless cravings & brain fog, to being the

Warrior Goddess you are.

Feel connected, calm & centered, finding the joy within you.



Click the video to find out how I kicked hashi butt 

Do you want to feel accepted, understood, and have accountability? Learn how to become empowered with your own health & healing journey, with ease.

Hashi Sisterhood membership


Your home of curated content including videos, handouts, sample meal plans, and a growing recipe bank, with a no BS approach to lifestyle and mindset coaching, to help you achieve your goals.

You will not want to miss our upcoming talks on vaginal health, styling your clothing for the perfect look or Pilates that is designed to strengthen and reduce fatigue and movement for fun. Plus we have virtual coffee chats where you can ask questions about anything related to your thyroid.

Guest speakers 

We will have guest speakers come and share their professional insights with you on thyroid and hashi topics.

Jacquie  from Imagine You, she is a colour analysis, Image and Presentation consultant. Find out how wearing the right colours for you not only changes how you look but also how you feel. 

Tia Brennan from Health On The Hill.  Will be chatting about a topic that is not open talked about and that is  Vaginal Health for women with hashi’s, autoimmune,  peri-menopause and menopause. This is an exciting topic and not to be missed.

Penny Murden from Pixacarto Play will be joining us for some tips on how to make exercise fun, when we don’t have a lot of energy and how pilates is a great way to help strengthen our bodies.

Curated themed content on your main concerns 

I am sharing my professional knowledge on how to support weight management, body image, exhaustion, and mental health issues like anxiety, depression, and brain fog in easily manageable steps.

My signature mindset magic

Releasing blocks, beliefs, and barriers that are holding you back from achieving your health and wellness goals.

Here’s Everything Included in Your Membership to The Hashi Sisterhood 

‘Here’s why you should trust me when it comes to Thyroid Disorders & Hashimoto’s

Don’t take my word for it……here is what members are saying…. 

Within days I noticed changes. As I progressed things quickly began to change within, around and to me. Perceived limitations that had been holding me back eased and released allowing me to evolve and grow beyond my expectations. Louise does more than intuitive healing, she coaches and facilitates you to be your own healer. Working through healing and trauma in a gentle supported way really has an impact on my health and wellbeing. I highly recommend working with Louise, it has surprisingly powerful in all the best ways.

Penny Murdon

I went to Louise to help me get off my medication as I hated taking tablets. Louise changed my diet, made lifestyle modifications, and put me on certain vitamin drinks and tablets. With Louise’s guidance and support, I was able to achieve it. No more medication and I feel so much better. Louise is very knowledgeable and is a lovely person. Very supportive. Highly recommend if you need that extra help the doctors may not be able to give you.

Gayle Dodgson

Louise has helped me feel normal again! I went to her feeling tired, overwhelmed, suffering fluid retention, headaches, stress, and thyroid and hormonal irregularities and now I am entering a maintenance phase of my health journey with her. I highly recommend Louise she is knowledgeable, easy to talk to, and provides you with lots of support!

Tracy Pirie

Hi, I am Louise

Your favourite thyroid and hashis coach, mentor & the founder of the  Hashi Sisterhood.

Living with hashis for the last 28years, I have learned some valuable lessons & not all the easy way. Working as a naturopath who specialises in all things thyroid, hormones, autoimmune, allergies, & EDS, looking at the body as a big picture and not a dis-ease.

With 2 decades of experience in  health and wellness industry , I have worked with men women and children, to help them accomplish better health & wellness to reach their goals.

It is my passion to support, nurture, inspire and simplify thyroid disorders so you can learn to heal from the inside out and experience loving life again.

Our membership is designed to help you make sustainable life changes that are science-backed , and learning to listen to your own intuition will help you improve your health, mindset & well-being to reach your dreams and become the warrior goddess that you are.

Get practical no BS sustainable life changes to improve your weight, energy and mood 

Find out that your health is not just about what you eat, but what you think and say. Learn simple yet effective techniques to release  blocks to improve your mood, weight, and energy.