AIP Thyroid Recovery

Is it time for you to…

  • Reclaim your mental and physical wellbeing?
  • Enjoy a life filled with energy, vitality, and strength?
  • Get rid of overwhelm, exhaustion, and mental strain?
  • Shed the extra weight in a safe and healthy way?

You can experience a life free of constant illnesses, colds, and allergies.

What is standing between YOU

and your soul’s intention??


The Choice is Yours to Make

Does this sound familiar?

  • You dread waking up in the morning because you always feel ‘blah’?
  • You wind down with wine, wake up with coffee and it feels like a never ending cycle?
  • You don’t like having your photo taken and if you do you hide behind others?
  • You know that you probably don’t eat the ‘healthiest’ but you just want a quick fix?
  • You hit 3pm and need a coffee or sugar hit to get you through the afternoon?
  • You’re not comfortable being undressed, even in front of your partner?
  • Your sexual desire is long gone…

Louise empowers you to achieve your goals. As excess weight melts away,
Embracing each day with energy, ensuring you can dance through the night in your favourite dress, making every moment truly special

AIP Thyroid Recovery will Help You

    • Stop sleeping your way through life so you can go out with your friends
    • Have the desire to be intimate with your spouse
    • Finally be able to lose those extra kilos of thyroid weight
    • G energy, without having to rely on caffeine, and chocolate to make it through the day (one coffee is great, three coffees is a bit of a problem!)
    • Learn the secret sauce to finally feel like yourself, confident and SEXY, with or without clothes on  😉
    • Cook delicious meals that the whole family will love

    Did you know you DON’T need to go on restrictive diets and spend hours in the gym every single week to have the motivation and energy to live your life again?

    Welcome to a New You


    This program is all about rebuilding your health through nutrition, knowing the best foods to eat to support all aspects of thyroid health and guidance through the challenges that your mind has doing this for yourself.

    I’ve created the Thyroid Recovery program specifically to help you reset your thyroid. This will allow your body the opportunity to heal from years of damage.  You will have the best resources for learning, recipes for healing, nourishing foods, plus guides, support and advice along your journey to health and happiness.


    Happy Participants 

    Louise has devised a really comprehensive, easy to follow thyroid recovery programme. My stumbling block has always been what to eat and when. Louise has produced a menu plans and provided the recipes for real food that’s easy to prepare as well as delicious.

    There are also mindfulness exercises and physical exercises to accompany the food. So, the whole body is gently detoxed and nourished. I highly recommend this thyroid programme for anyone interested in improving their health.

    Anne B

    I was so pleased to lose weight, I never knew I had hashimoto’s until I worked with Louise, she genuinely cared about how I was and listed to all my silly questions, even though she told me no question was silly. I learnt new recipes that I now love and are a staple at home for the family. It was good to know that Louise has been on this journey as well.

    Julie Elizabeth 


    After searching for someone to help me with my fatigue issues, I came across Louise. She has been my life saver. She is really
    passionate about helping people get well, and very knowledgeable. If you are struggling with your health, I totally recommend Louise.

    Michelle Coles